A cautionary tale

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Part of the problem with the Internet is the fact that it is forever in Flux, forever changing, sometimes for the better some times not.

Email lately has become very very security conscious, at least Google, Yahoo, and Hotmail. Yes, I use all 3. Why you may ask?

Because I am partially crazy I guess. Actually the Hotmail I opened because of the storage on Skydrive, because at 1 point in time I was coming close to filling up my hard drive and needed badly to get some stuff off the Hard drive. Then I found a great deal on a 2 terabyte external hard drive and bought that and my storage problem was solved.

Anyway, this morning I was using one of my Google email accounts, (Yes I have multiple Google email accounts) and it needed to update my security info, Fine and dandy. Lo and behold, there was an email account for a backup email account (Security stuff for Google) and I no longer had access to that account. Part of the change of the Internet. It went away. I didn't want it to, but it did.

So, then the fun really started. It is a long drawn out technical bunch of hooey which I finally got resolved, but just be careful with what you use for security info. The ever changing Internet can come up and bite you where you sit and it is not a whole lot of fun.

If you still eat at Taco Bell

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Like my youngest son, you may not want to click on this link.

Lucky You ...

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I have decided to share with you all the fun I have been having lately with trying to get My Movie collection taken care of.

Yes, a Movie collection.

I blame my wife for it.

There was a time when I could have cared less about Movies. Then I got married to someone who loved movies. She was mainly focused on older movies, black and white film mainly. I sat there and tried to watch some of these with her on TV. VHS at this time was not in our realm, aka too expensive. So if you missed the beginning of the movie, too bad. If you couldn't catch the end of the Movie, better luck next time. Old school movie watching. I couldn't really get into it.

All that changed once we finally got our own VHS machine. Recording movies and being able to watch them at My leisure made a huge difference. Thus I got hooked into Movies, big time. Capturing movies and reviewing them later became habit. Then I got a brilliant Idea.

What about taking the movies from VHS and putting them onto DVDs?. There had to be a way to do that. It took a very long time before we actually pulled that off, but we finally got a converter to record DVD's from VHS.

The first DVD Recorder we bought got quite the workout, and then it bailed on us. I was only about 1/4 of the way through the VHS tapes of Movies I had recorded. So eventually we bought another DVD recorder and got most of the VHS collection transfered to DVD. As it was, it was pretty good timing, with VHS going the way of the Dinosaurs and DVD being the accepted format for Movies at present.

So lately I have been trying to make up a data base to keep track of what movies are on what DVD disc. I had a really goof thing going with a freeware software program, then the freeware became paid for and all the data I had recorded into the freeware version became Null and Void, Unless you paid their ransom fee and switched to their paid program.

Pc Vs Mac

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